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Hi, and welcome to Marian-Blog.com. Make sure you read and understand our warning before you look around our website and use the useful information we offer. This disclaimer tells you how to use our site, how much responsibility we have, and other important facts about the content on our site.

How to Use It:

  • Educational Purpose: The information on MarianBlog.com is only meant to be used for learning and knowledge. This is not a replacement for help or advice from a professional.
  • Accuracy of Information: We try to keep the information on the website correct and up to date, but we don’t make any promises or guarantees, either directly or indirectly, about how full, correct, reliable, useful, or accessible the information is.
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Limitations of Liability:

  • No Promises: We can’t promise that the information on Marian-Blog.com will meet your needs or be free of mistakes. Anything you do with the information or stuff on this page is of your own free will.
  • External Links: Some of the links on our site go to other sites that we don’t control. There is nothing we can do about the type, content, or availability of those sites. The presence of links does not always mean that the content is recommended or supported.

Help for Parents:

Marian-Blog.com is made for parents and adults. Some of our material might be interesting to kids, but parents should still be in charge. We don’t take personal information from kids younger than 13 that we know of.

How to Get in Touch:

You can reach us at the following address if you have any questions or worries about our disclaimer:

Send an email to legal@marian-blog.com.

Changes to the Disclaimer:

Our disclaimer could be updated or changed at any time of the day. Check this page often to see if anything has changed.

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