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Fun in the Sun: Summer Art Projects for Kids

Fun in the Sun: Summer Art Projects for Kids

As summer approaches, parents and other adults who care for children are looking for fun and creative things to do with them. What better way to harness the energy of summer than by creating a fun and bright art project? We showcase some fun summer art projects for kids that will also help them develop their creativity and imagination.

1. Sun Mark

Make the most of the outdoors by making sun prints with your children. All you need is light-sensitive paper, things you can find like flowers and leaves, and sunlight. Place things on the paper so that the shapes and shadows stand out. Then place the paper in the sun and observe the printing effect. This game not only helps children appreciate nature, it also teaches them about light and shadow.

2. Make Art From Sand

With sand painting, you create a beach in your own garden. Children can put different colors of sand in bottles and then use glue and colored sand to make complicated shapes on paper. This action not only uses your senses, like playing with sand but also allows you to unleash endless creativity.

3. Draw an Ice Cream Cone

Combine your love of art with your love of summer treats by turning a regular ice cream cone into a paintbrush. Have your child draw the base of the cone and use it to make a stamp on the paper. therefore? A nice collection of ice cream cone prints that reflect the atmosphere of summer in a fun and delicious way.

4. Water Balloon Art

Use water balloons as a painting tool to turn a classic summer exercise into a work of art. Hang balloons on the string and fill them with watercolor paint. Then have your kids throw darts at them or make splash art. Creating art with random designs and pops of color is fun and exciting.

5. Conch Statue

Don’t throw away the shells you find on the beach, use them to make a statue. Make your own three-dimensional art with glue, cardboard, and different types of shells. This project not only allows people to get creative, but it is also a great way to think back on a wonderful summer.

6. Collage Adventure with Nature

Take a walk with your children in your neighborhood or a nearby park and let them find leaves, flowers, and branches to cherish. Take these finds home and start your college adventure with nature. Place all their findings on a large sheet of paper and let them create a beautiful collage together. This game not only allows children to explore nature but also allows them to show their artistic skills by using things from nature.

7. Paint with Bubble Wrap and Stampers

Encourage the fun of mashing and popping bubble wrap with this unique drawing game. Place bubble wrap on the soles of your child’s shoes, dip them in washable paint, and have them step onto a large piece of paper. The abstract designs produced are not only beautiful but also capture the joy of a carefree summer.

8. Nice Picnic Blanket

Turn your picnic blanket into a work of art and enjoy both the fun of picnicking and your artistic imagination. Give your child a plain white blanket and washable pens. Then let them draw, color, and scribble as they like. This art project is not only fun to do with others, but it also creates a lasting memory of those sunny picnic afternoons.

9. Summer Story Stone

Summer-themed story bricks help children tell stories and use their imaginations. Find some smooth rocks and top them with summer treats like sun, beach balls, and ice cream cones. Take the stones out of the bag and let your child take them out one by one and make up a story. This exercise not only makes you more creative, it also helps you learn languages in a fun way.

10. Glow-in-the-dark Firefly Jar

Glow-in-the-dark firefly pots allow you to continue creating art at night. Paint an empty glass jar with glow-in-the-dark paint and let your kids make patterns that resemble fireflies. Place a battery-operated tealight in a pot and enjoy the beautiful glow of summer fireflies inside. This project not only makes summer evenings more magical but also makes it easy to transition from daytime activities to evening activities.


Finally, these fun summer art projects for kids are a great way to get creative, learn, and have fun outdoors. From the soft glow of fireflies to the satisfying feeling of sand painting, each activity offers children a different way to express themselves while enjoying the beauty of the season. As summer approaches, let laughter, creativity, and artistic discovery guide you in creating lasting memories and works of art that capture the essence of the sunny, joyful season.


1. Are these art projects suitable for all ages?

Yes, art projects are good for people of all ages. Parental supervision and adaptation of the materials ensure that it is suitable for all stages of growth.

2. Where can I get what I need for these projects?

You can easily find most of the items you need at art stores, grocery stores, or even in your neighborhood. Nature-based projects use things like rocks and leaves that are easy to find when walking outside.

3. If you do these things, will they become confusing? Is it easy to clean?

Some projects involve painting and outdoor activities, but they are doable. Use washable items to make cleanup easy, making the creative process stress-free for both kids and adults.

4. Can you do these chores indoors?

Certainly! Many of these projects can be completed indoors, so even if it’s raining or hot outside, you can still have some creative fun.

5. Do these projects help education?

Yes, these art projects help with many educational things, such as exploring different senses, improving fine motor skills, and making up stories. They make learning fun and cover many different areas.

6. Can these things be done without spending a lot of money?

Yes, most projects use simple and not-too-expensive materials. Families can easily customize items to fit their budget, allowing everyone to be creative.


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